What do guests wear to a bridal shower in the winter?

What do you wear to a bridal shower at someone’s house?

If it’s in an informal setting like someone’s house or the community center, wear a nice sundress or a maxi dress. Even dress pants or capris, and a nice blouse will do the trick. Jeans aren’t appropriate, but a nice, informal khaki material is perfect.

Who goes to bridal shower?

Traditionally, the guest list consists of the bride-to-be’s closest female friends and relatives. It’s also considered proper etiquette for close relatives of the bride-to-be’s spouse to attend the shower. This could include their mom, sisters, grandmother or another family member they’re super close with.

Should out of town guests be invited to bridal shower?

Should I send invitations to people who live out of town? It’s nice to send invitations to your close friends and family who live out of town. They’re unlikely to see this as a ploy for gifts, but rather a gesture meant to make them feel loved and involved.

What is a good size for a bridal shower?

Bridal Shower Guest List Size. An intimate bridal shower for 15 people is perfectly normal, as is a 50-person coed shower that feels more like a cocktail party.

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