Do brides wear white or silver shoes?

Can brides wear silver shoes?

And if you’re debating on what to pick, one of our favorite ways to add some shine to a bride’s wedding style is with silver wedding shoes. No matter what the rest of your wedding color palette entails, silver is typically a favorite hue, as it often matches an engagement ring and many other accessories.

What color should brides shoes be?

Classic and traditional brides will likely be drawn to clean white, champagne, ivory, and nude tones, but if a little footwear flair intrigues you, don’t be afraid go outside the box in the color department, says Perez.

Can you wear silver shoes with a white wedding dress?

Though brides traditionally wear shoes to match their wedding gowns (which are almost always some shade of white), you don’t absolutely have to. … You could have your shoes be your “something blue,” or pick a metallic pair that matches with your jewelry or the embellishment on your gown.

Do wedding shoes need to be white?

And wedding shoes don’t always have to be white or even ivory. More and more brides are opting to wear more colorful, unique shoes that will fit their style way beyond their wedding day.

Should you wear white shoes to a wedding?

One steadfast rule is to never wear white to a wedding unless you’re the bride. … No matter what the season, it’s never appropriate to wear white shoes to a somber event such as a funeral. The look is mostly a casual one, and will work most easily for parties and informal events.

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How white is too white for a wedding?

“According to the Emily Post Institute, it’s acceptable to wear white, as long as it doesn’t ‘distract from the bride or her attendant’s dresses. ‘ For example, a colorful, cocktail-length dress with a white lace overlay is acceptable,” says Lehman.

Do brides wear white or cream?

In the past, traditional wedding etiquette also indicated that pure white wedding dresses were most appropriate—but that’s hardly the case anymore. In fact, ivory is a great dress color option for those who don’t want a pure white gown.