Your question: Why is Friar Lawrence clearly hesitant about marrying Paris and Juliet?

Why does Friar Laurence not want to marry Romeo and Juliet at first?

In Act 2, Scene 3, Romeo asks Friar Laurence to secretly marry Juliet and him. At first, the friar does not want to perform the wedding—rightly so, too, because the day before Romeo had told Friar Laurence how sick he was over the fact that his dear Rosaline would rather be celibate than be with Romeo.

What does Friar Lawrence say to discourage Paris from marrying Juliet?

The friar remarks to himself that he wishes he were unaware of the reason that Paris’s marriage to Juliet should be delayed. … After Paris leaves, Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for help, brandishing a knife and saying that she will kill herself rather than marry Paris.

Do you think Friar Lawrence is wise to agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?

He also tries to impart advice so Romeo can make the right decisions. “Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.” Here, Friar Laurence is advising Romeo to think carefully and wisely about his decision to marry Juliet. This shows that Friar Laurence is wise because he is aware of what could happen.

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How did Friar Laurence help Romeo and Juliet?

Role in the play

Friar Laurence is a friar who plays the part of a wise adviser to Romeo and Juliet, along with aiding in major plot developments. … When Romeo is banished for killing Tybalt and flees to Mantua, Friar Laurence attempts to help the two lovers get back together using a potion to fake Juliet’s death.

What was Friar Lawrence plan to prevent Juliet marriage to Paris and how did the plan go wrong?

After Paris leaves, Juliet tells the Friar she is resolved to kill herself if he can offer no solution out of the impending marriage. The Friar offers her a plan: agree to the marriage, but drink a poison the night before that will make her appear dead while in reality leaving her asleep.

Why does Friar Lawrence leave without Juliet?

Why does Friar Lawrence leave Juliet alone in the tomb. He is afraid of being discovered there. He wants her to be alone when she dies. He cannot bear to see Romeo’s body.

What is Friar Lawrence’s fears of marrying the couple?

The friar fears that Romeo may have slept in sin with Rosaline. Romeo assures him that did not happen, and describes his new love for Juliet, his intent to marry her, and his desire that the friar consent to marry them that very day. Friar Lawrence is shocked at this sudden shift from Rosaline to Juliet.

How do Friar Lawrence and Romeo and Juliet’s motivations differ in this act?

How do the Friar’s motives differ from the couple’s own motives? The Friars motives are to help end the feud between the families, while the couple’s motives are to be together because they are in love. How does Romeo respond when Mercutio says Romeo gave them “the slip” the night before in Act II, Scene iv?

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What line does Friar Lawrence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?

Explain the quote, “In one respect I’ll thy assistant be; for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households’ rancor into pure love.” The Friar agrees to perform the marriage so that he can end the fight between the two families.