Your question: What size is the inner envelope for wedding invitations?

What kind of envelope do you use for wedding invitations?

Wedding Invitation Envelopes

  • Invitation Envelopes.
  • Square Envelopes.
  • Contour Flap Envelopes.
  • Metallic Envelope.
  • Baronial Envelopes.
  • Lined Envelopes.
  • Vertical A7 Envelopes.
  • Inner/Outer Envelopes.

What is a wedding inner envelope?

As you’re shopping for wedding invitations, you will find that many come with two sets of envelopes. … The slightly smaller envelope is called an inner envelope. This is where you would indicate exactly who is invited to the wedding by listing each guest’s name. The outer envelope is used for mailing.

What do you write inside an inner envelope?

Addressing the Inner Envelope

  1. Married Couple (same last name) Formal: Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin. Contemporary: …
  2. Married Couple (different last names) Formal: Ms. Swift and Mr. Brookes. …
  3. Single Woman. Formal: Miss Cartwright and Ben (only if you do not know the name of the guest should you write “and guest”) Contemporary: Cynthia.
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