Your question: How do you groom a user story?

How do you start a grooming session?

Here are the essential tools in your grooming kit:

  1. Set a goal for each session to jell the team. …
  2. Limit stakeholder involvement to keep the water running. …
  3. Meet more frequently to stay fresh and for a short duration until the team gets adept at it. …
  4. Set a story time limit to avoid fatigue.

How do I prepare for backlog grooming?

Write and include user stories

As a way to prepare for your backlog grooming meeting, break down user stories into smaller tasks. As the project evolves, new needs will arise and in response, those new user stories will need to be added to the backlog.

What does grooming mean in development?

Grooming is an open discussion between the development team and product owner. The user stories are discussed to help the team gain a better understanding of the functionality that is needed to fulfill a story. This includes design considerations, integrations, and expected user interactions.

What do you do during grooming?

Whoever ultimately runs the grooming sessions will be responsible for a few key things:

  • Scheduling the session and ensuring the right people are invited (and actually attend).
  • Keeping conversations on-topic and productively focused.
  • Playing timekeeper and moving the conversation forward if the team gets stuck.

What is grooming user stories?

Definition of backlog grooming

Backlog grooming is the process of refining outstanding user stories or backlog items, breaking big items into smaller tasks and prioritizing those which need to be tackled first. Together, this helps shape the next sprint session’s objectives.

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