You asked: What makes something engaging?

What makes an article engaging?

The most engaging content is content that’s written by someone who’s passionate about the topic they’re writing about. You love your business, so let others see that love in your writing. Writing with passion and telling readers why it is you’re passionate may just convince them that they should love your business too.

What does engaging ideas mean?

: tending to draw favorable attention or interest : attractive an engaging smile.

What are engaging words?


  • alluring,
  • appealing,
  • attractive,
  • bewitching,
  • captivating,
  • charismatic,
  • charming,
  • elfin,

How do you write engaging?

A Quick Checklist for Engaging Content

  1. Write at least 15 headlines for every piece of content. Tap into needs, and be careful about sounding clickbaity.
  2. Tell a story. Open with an anecdote, write in the first person, weave a narrative throughout…
  3. Write something new. …
  4. Give the eye a break with some visuals. …
  5. Go deeper.

What is engaging and relevant?

Engaging content is emotionally relevant. It triggers unconscious and conscious reactions in the brains of people. The first point of engagement is attention, so that readers stay to experience your message. A powerful tactic is through negative information.

Why is engaging content important?

Engaging content marketing can help increase brand awareness. Building brand awareness is an important part of expanding your reach online. … Relevant and interesting content can help you establish your brand as an authority in the industry, which builds brand recognition and fosters trust among your leads and customers.

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What does engaging discussion mean?

If you engage someone in conversation, you have a conversation with them. They tried to engage him in conversation. Synonyms: occupy, involve, draw, busy More Synonyms of engage. 4. intransitive verb.

How can I make my content more interactive?

To help get you thinking, here are seven types of interactive content to consider.

  1. Quizzes/Polls. Quizzes and polls are an inexpensive way to create interactive content. …
  2. Contest/Sweepstakes. …
  3. Multiple Choice Posts. …
  4. Interactive Infographics, Whitepapers and eBooks. …
  5. Workbooks and Assessments. …
  6. Calculators. …
  7. Interactive Videos.