Who is the antagonist in the killer bride?

Who is the real Vida in the killer bride?

2. Camila finds out Emma is Vida all along. Vito’s (Geoff Eigenmann) investigation bore fruit, establishing Emma as their long-lost daughter.

Is Luna Vida in the killer bride?

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The couple took in the child as their own and raised her as Luna (Alexa Ilacad). Vida, it became clear, has been Luna all along, at least according to Aurora’s account. A tearful Luna, who has long blamed Camila for the cold marriage of her parents, refused to believe she is Vida.

What happened to Camilla in The Killer Bride?

In the January 10 episode of the ABS-CBN drama, Camila (Maja Salvador) was fatally shot by her nemesis, Alice (Lara Quigaman), whom she discovered to be the “killer groom” sowing terror in Las Espadas.

Is Maja Salvador and Janella Salvador sisters?

In 2019, Salvador returned to TV with two projects, first was being a judge in World of Dance Philippines, before returning to teleserye via The Killer Bride, where she portrayed Camila Dela Torre and co-starred with her niece Janella Salvador.

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