What shoes should a guest wear to a wedding?

What shoes are acceptable for a wedding?

Best Shoes to Wear to a Wedding

  • Get Some Details on the Wedding Day Festivities. …
  • Keep Your Comfort in Mind. …
  • Bedazzled Flats. …
  • A Sandal With a Chunky Heel. …
  • An Espadrille Wedge. …
  • Slip-On Sandals or Flats. …
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Can you wear shoes to a wedding?

You can now wear sneakers to a wedding, the opera, and even to work. Not everyone should feel the need to wear heels to feel sexy or elegant — a sneaker can have the same effect, with a little perspective and some confidence.

Can I wear flat shoes to a wedding?

The simple answer is yes– absolutely, one hundred percent yes of course you can wear flat wedding shoes. … The other advantage to choosing flat wedding shoes is that they are really versatile and you can easily wear them again on so many occasions.

Can you wear sneakers to a wedding as a guest?

Stay away from sneakers, though. Even dressy ones are still too casual for cocktail.

Is it OK to wear sneakers with a suit to a wedding?

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend it. Suits have a certain formality to them, and pairing them with sneakers dilutes that formality. … The best sneakers to wear with a suit are minimalistic in style and are made of leather or suede.

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Is it rude to wear white heels to a wedding?

The rule of not wearing something the bride would wear applies here, too. If you have a pair of white open toe pumps or strapped sandals, they are likely too bridal-y. If you have espadrilles or cork wedges with a white ankle strap–they should be alright.