What do you write on a car after a wedding?

How do you tie a can to a wedding car?

Tie assorted lengths of strong fishing line, twine, or other string to each of your cans. This is how you’ll connect the cans to the getaway car (either by tying them to the bumper or trailer hitch, whichever works best). Make sure the lengths vary so that the cans trail behind the car instead of fanning out!

Does groom’s car have ribbons?

Generally, a white V-shaped ribbon tied to the hood of the car signifies the beginning of married life. There are rosettes on the door handle.

How long should wedding car ribbons be?

The wedding car provider will always provide and fit ribbon & matching bows to the car as part of the standard service. Typically, this will be white or ivory. However, if you wish to provide your own ribbon, maybe personalised, you should supply around 6 metres in length.

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