What do you serve at a non alcoholic wedding?

How can I make my wedding reception fun without alcohol?

Offer Interesting Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  1. soda.
  2. tea.
  3. sparkling water.
  4. virgin cocktails.
  5. smoothies.
  6. milkshakes.
  7. non-alcoholic beer and wine.

What is the most popular non-alcoholic?

17 best non-alcoholic spirits

Rank Brand Best for
1 Seedlip Best overall
2 Kin Euphorics Most innovative
3 My Celtic Soul Best ‘whisky’
4 Spiritless Kentucky 74 Best ‘bourbon’

What is a dry wedding reception?

Unlike a wedding with a cash bar, a dry wedding is one where no alcohol is served during the cocktail hour or reception. While are many reasons to host a dry wedding (they can be considerably more budget friendly), they are not standard, which means you may find yourself with some questions on how to proceed.

How many non-alcoholic drinks can you have at a wedding?

The Wedding Guru says: If you’re serving only non-alcoholic drinks at the reception, count on three per guest (for both adults and children). You always want to err on the safe side. Unopened bottles can usually be returned (but to make sure, you should check in advance at the store where you buy your drinks).

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What drinks are served at weddings?

The basic wedding bar generally doesn’t have much, but will usually have at least one bottle of the following: whiskey, Scotch, gin, vodka, tequila, and vermouth. For mixers, you can expect soda, tonic, and seltzer. There are actually a handful of great cocktails that can be made from basic, minimal ingredients.

Is it rude to not serve alcohol at a wedding?

Deciding whether or not to serve alcohol at your wedding is completely up to you. … You should, however, definitely have a bar or two at the reception for your dry wedding, even if they’re only serving soft drinks. A night on the dance floor will make people thirsty!

Is it OK to not have alcohol at a wedding?

You can still have a fun reception without boozy beverages. From signature cocktails to flutes of Champagne, alcoholic beverages flow freely at most wedding receptions. But some couples may forgo the booze and have a dry wedding instead, often for religious, financial, or personal reasons.

Is it weird to not have alcohol at a wedding?

A dry wedding is a choice by the couple to have no alcohol at wedding events. Since many wedding guests will likely expect there to be alcohol at the wedding, it’s important to give guests a heads-up beforehand for couples having weddings without alcohol.

What can I drink to relax instead of alcohol?

Rather than alcohol, try drinking tea, coffee, or a premium soda instead.

Are there non alcoholic truly’s?

One of the many delicious Seedlip flavors currently on the market, Garden 108 is truly a special spirit (distilled without alcohol, of course). An herbaceous blend reminiscent of gin’s botanical structure and aroma, this nonalcoholic drink tastes like garden-fresh sweet peas, basil, and mint.

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Why are non alcoholic drinks called virgin?

Drinks without alcohol are called ‘virgin’ because they never have anything hard in them.