Should you wear a garter on your wedding day?

What is the symbolism of a wedding garter?

In medieval times, wedding guests would tear the bride’s clothes off, so brides began wearing garters they could throw into the crowd. Today, the garter toss also symbolizes the passage from single to married life for the bride and groom.

Do I have to wear a garter on my wedding day?

You may be a bride wondering ‘do I need to wear a wedding garter?’ , but it really is not something that you absolutely have to wear on your wedding day. It is, like every other wedding accessory, a choice that is completely up to you as the bride and your style.

Why do brides wear garters at weddings?

In medieval times, pieces of the bride’s ensemble were considered tokens of good luck…so much so that wedding guests would fight to rip her clothes right off her body. Things would get so rowdy, couples decided to throw a garter for guests to fight over instead.

Why does the groom go under the bride’s dress?

In this long-standing tradition, the groom reaches under the bride’s dress to remove the garter and throws it to the male wedding guests. … “After the marriage was consummated, the groom would give the bride’s garter to the waiting crowd to prove that the deed was done.”

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Why do grooms take off the garter?

At modern weddings, the removing and tossing of the garter is now the privilege of the groom at the reception. He tosses the garter to the unmarried male guests at the wedding. It is thought that catching the garter will bring you good luck and in, some cases, indicate that you will be married next.

Are garters uncomfortable?

Many people shy away from wearing garter belts because they seem complicated and uncomfortable. However, a garter belt that fits you properly can be comfortable, fun, and fashionable! … For everyday wear, go with a wide belt made of satin, cotton, or powernet and six to eight adjustable straps.

Are wedding garters uncomfortable?

If your garter is uncomfortable when you try it on, it will be uncomfortable on your wedding day. So, hopefully you’ll have some time to remedy the ill-fitting garter situation before the big day.