Question: How does Shmuel feel about his upcoming wedding?

Is Shmuel frightened of being married?

Terms in this set (10) What does Shmuel admit to Hannah the next morning, the day of his wedding? He is afraid of getting married, but not being married to Fayge. … Yitzchak, the red-headed butcher, and his two children come to help; he brings two cages of chickens for wedding presents.

How do GITL and Shmuel react to Hannah’s ravings about her coming from New Rochelle New York?

Gitl and Shmuel react to Hannah’s ravings about being from New Rochelle with surprise. However, they cover up their initial shock with indulgent humor. … When Hannah continues insisting that she is from New Rochelle and that this city is in New York in America, Shmuel admits defeat.

Who is getting married in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

Shmuel is getting married, but of course he is not getting married to his sister. Consider the following quote, that clearly tells us, and Hannah, whom Shmuel is going to marry.

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Who comes to visit Shmuel and GITL the morning of the wedding?

Yitzchak the Butcher comes to visit Gitl and Shmuel on the morning of the wedding. He brings along two cages of chickens, which are his wedding gift to Shmuel and Fayge.

What is Shmuel scared of?

So even though he doesn’t say so, we know he’s seen horrific things. And because of this, while he and Bruno share a birthday, Shmuel is much more grown-up than Bruno is—Bruno may be pretty ignorant about the horrors unfolding next door, but Shmuel knows fear, starvation, and violence firsthand.

What does Shmuel admit to Hannah the next morning the day of his wedding?

What does Shmuel admit to Hannah the next morning, the day of his wedding? They think her illness affected her mentally. They are certain she is their niece, Chaya, from Lublin.

How does Shmuel respond when Hannah Chaya explains who she really is?

Shmuel is at first nonplussed when Hannah says that she comes from New Rochelle, New York. When Hannah persists, however, insisting that New Rochelle was her former home, he and Gitl attribute her perceived confusion to her illness, and do not take what she says seriously.

What is Hannah’s reaction to the breakfast she is served?

What is Hannah’s reaction to the breakfast she is served? She is disappointed because she likes cereal and white bread.

What does GITL tell Hannah to wear to the wedding?

What does Gitl tell Hannah to wear to the wedding and how does Hannah feel about it? She tells Hannah to wear the blue sailor-suit dress she wore as a child to Shmuel’s Bar Mitzvah. Hannah says its a rag and feels it is suitable for a Halloween party.

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How did Shmuel and Fayge get married?

Expert Answers

Because their wedding was interrupted by the Nazis, Fayge was never married to Shmuel. By Jewish custom, the wedding takes place under a canopy with all of the friends and relatives present.

Why didn’t Hannah Chaya have any clothes of her own?

It is too bad that your wonderful clothes from Lublin had to be burned along with your bedding, but the doctors said they carried the disease. … This is therefore why Hannah/Chaya has no clothes of her own and is forced to wear what Gitl provides for her.

When the wedding party approaches the village What do they see?

Tell what the wedding party sees upon gaining an open view of the village? There are automobiles and trucks parked in front of the synagogue. How does Hannah singularly figure out what is happening? She inquires of the date and makes the association from her memory of the history of the Holocaust.