How do you ask who gives the bride away?

Who gives this bride away response?

In many traditional weddings, the father still gives away the bride. In modern weddings, however, it can be anybody. The most important consideration is that the person is someone with whom the couple trusts and feels comfortable. “I think couples should ultimately do what works for them and their family,” said Mahler.

Who should give the bride away?

For as long as weddings have been celebrated, it has been customary for someone to give the bride “away” to her groom. Usually, this part of the ceremony is carried out by a father figure or male family member that has played an important role in the bride’s life.

Does a bride have to have someone give her away?

When the financial arrangements were met, the father of the bride would allow the marriage to take place and would give his daughter away; presenting his daughter to the groom. … As a result, brides do not need anyone to give them away.

Can a father walk a bride down the aisle?

Fathers can’t walk bride down aisle and no singing: the new rules of post-lockdown weddings. New guidelines mean weddings are going to look and feel quite different… … This means that fathers will be unable to walk their daughters down the aisle arm-in-arm, as is tradition for some, unless they live together.

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How long does it take to walk down aisle bride?

It should take no longer than 3-4 minutes for the entire wedding party to walk down the aisle with the bride taking approximately 30-45 seconds. Of course, the length of the aisle and how you want to time the processional with your music will make a difference in how long it takes to walk down the aisle.

Who gives bride away if no father?

Your mother’s boyfriend or spouse, or even your brother or uncle could walk you down the aisle, according to The Knot. The search doesn’t need to end there, however, because cousins or nephews can also escort you. Tradition held that only one person escorted the bride, but you can even choose two people to escort you.