How do teachers engage in professional learning?

How do you engage in professional development?

Here are my top 10 ways to engage in Professional Development

  1. Twitter – create a professional learning network (PLN) with other teachers. …
  2. Read blogs by educators. …
  3. Subscribe to my Tech Tools for Teachers Newsletter!
  4. Listen to podcasts. …
  5. Talk to like minded teachers at your school or teachers around the world via Skype.

Why should teachers engage in professional learning?

Effective professional development builds the knowledge, skills and qualities of teachers to improve the outcomes of their students. When teachers engage in effective professional development: their enhanced knowledge and skills improve their teaching. their improved teaching then enhances their students’ outcomes.

What is professional learning for teachers?

The professional learning supports or fosters a collaborative approach to teaching and learning. Participants can apply and refine their new knowledge in their own school. The professional learning draws on current research on effective teaching and learning.

How do I engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities?

How will I engage with professional teaching networks?

  1. Participate in professional development programs.
  2. Form a small learning group of peers.
  3. Join a number of teaching associations.
  4. Subscribe to various teaching and learning journals.
  5. Proactively engage with teaching professionals.
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How will professional learning communities benefit teachers?

PLCs allow teachers an easy way to share best practices and brainstorm innovative ways to improve learning and drive student achievement. … These learning communities also enhance teacher reflection of instructional practices and student outcomes.

How will the professional learning impact practice and support student growth?

Research shows that professional development leads to better instruction and improved student learning when it connects to the curriculum materials that teachers use, the district and state academic standards that guide their work, and the assessment and accountability measures that evaluate their success.

How do you develop effective professional development?

Here are some top tips for delivering highly effective PD to your teachers.

  1. Use What You Are Teaching. …
  2. Develop Something That You’ll Use Right Away. …
  3. Use the Lesson and Receive Feedback. …
  4. Improve and Level Up With Another Lesson. …
  5. Local Responsibility and Buy-In. …
  6. Long-Term Focus. …
  7. Good Timing. …
  8. Empower Peer Collaboration.