How do I assign a license to engage in Salesforce?

What is a salesforce engage license?

Salesforce Engage is a Pardot product on a mission to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. You could say that it’s the Salesforce sales user’s window into relevant marketing information in Pardot, aiding transparency across teams.

How do I assign an engage license?

Assign Engage Licenses and Permission Sets

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce Engage License Assignment tab. …
  2. From the Action Type dropdown, select Assign.
  3. Select which users you want to assign Salesforce Engage permission sets and licenses, and click Add License.

How do I unassign a license in Salesforce?

From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Users , and then select Users. Click the name of the user whose permission set license you want to remove. In the Permission Set License Assignments related list, click Del next to the permission set license that you want to remove, and then click OK.

How do I send an Engage email in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, navigate to your lead or contact list. Select your recipients, and click Send Engage Emails. (Optional) If Send on Behalf Of is enabled, select a sender in the From dropdown. Compose your email, and send when finished.

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What four components make up Salesforce engage?

Salesforce Engage consists of four main components: Engage Campaigns, Engage Reports, Engage Alerts, and Engage for Gmail and Outlook.

Is Salesforce a customer engagement platform?

Salesforce’s digital experience platform (DXP) is built on the Customer 360. … Reinvent the customer experience, engage more customers, and accelerate growth across any industry with data-driven sites, portals, and mobile applications.

What are the four key user engagement scenarios trailhead?

Four scenarios illustrate the most common user engagement experiences: Onboarding. Feature discovery and adoption. Help and troubleshooting.

How do I assign a pardot admin in Salesforce?

A Salesforce admin must enable new Pardot business units and appoint a Pardot admin.

Enable Pardot in Salesforce

  1. From Marketing Setup, under Pardot Setup Home, click Assign Admin.
  2. Name your business unit and assign your Pardot admin. …
  3. Save your changes.

How do I assign a user to a pardot license?

Give Users Access to the Pardot Lightning App

  1. From Marketing Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Permission Sets , then select Sales Cloud User, Service Cloud User, or CRM User from the list.
  2. Click Manage Assignments.
  3. Click Add Assignments and choose all users who need access to the Pardot Lightning app.

How do I transfer licenses to Salesforce?

How do I transfer a license from an old employee to a new employee? You need to deactive the first employee (go to their User record, take away the checkmark next to Active, and save it). Then create a new User record for the new employee, and mark it as Active.

What is permission set license in Salesforce?

Permission set licenses extend the functionality of user licenses. With permission set licenses, you can assign more permissions to users than their user license supports. Permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles.

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How do I change my Salesforce license?

In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Manage Users > Users. 2. Click edit on the user’s record (or create a new user). Select the Salesforce Platform as the User license and click Save.