Can you put a wedding dress in a space bag?

Can I put my wedding dress in a vacuum bag?

Never store your dress in a vacuum sealed bag or plastic container! While this may seem like a great way to preserve your gown, plastic containers or bags emit fumes that can yellow or discolor the fabric. Additionally, moisture trapped within the container can cause a buildup of mildew or mold.

Can you store wedding dress in garment bag?

Short-term storage: Gowns can be safely stored up to 18 months in a breathable fabric or mesh gown bag (Ellie’s Bridal Boutique garment bags are safe!). Plastic bags are generally not recommended, but are safer for fabrics in dryer climates.

Is it okay to fold your wedding dress?

Wrap the dress in a cotton sheet and store it in a long flat acid-free cardboard box. This will protect it from dust and pets. Rolling the dress will leave less wrinkles but you can also fold it if necessary, using acid-free tissue paper.

Can I get my wedding dress cleaned years later?

While ideally, sooner is always better than later, the actual truth is that it really is never too late to have a wedding dress cleaned and preserved. … While it may not be possible to remove all stains, a restoration specialist can usually bring your beloved dress back to life more than you’d think possible.

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What is a wedding shadow box?

Wedding shadow boxes are a great way to capture and display all the important details that went into making your wedding day so special. … A shadow box is an enclosed box, usually square or rectangular, with a glass front used to protect and display valuables and important memorabilia.

How do you air out a wedding dress?

Hang your dress up high off of the ground in a safe, clean place, unzip the garment bag and lift the plastic up and off of your dress to air it out. If your dress has a train, release it from the hanger and let it flow freely on the ground. Doing this will allow any wrinkles that formed to release before the big day.

Can heat damage a wedding dress?

Put the Dress in a Safe Place.

Once you’ve taken the time to clean and package the dress, make sure it’s in a safe, temperature-controlled environment suitable for long-term storage. Don’t put it in the attic, where heat can damage it.