Can you play Here Comes the Bride at a Catholic wedding?

Can you play your own music at a Catholic wedding?

Any wedding songs or music must be approved by the priest or music director of the church. You may have your heart set on a certain #1 billboard hit single, but unless it is approved by the priest, it may not be allowed for your ceremony.

Why is Here Comes the Bride banned in the Catholic Church?

Some members of the Roman Catholic Church, and more conservative-leaning denominations frown on the use of “Here comes the Bride” for a few reasons including: the fact that it comes from a secular body of work, the original context of the song was not that of a wedding professional, and that Wagnerian operas tend to …

What are some songs for bridal processional Catholic wedding?

Here is the ultimate playlist with Catholic wedding songs

1 God Is Able – Live Hillsong Chapel 3:50
3 Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring Johann Sebastian Bach, Vidas Pinkevicius 2:42
4 Ave Maria – Schubert Carlos Slivskin 3:18
5 The Prayer Carole Bayer Sager, David Foster, Charlotte Church, Josh Groban 4:23
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Why don t churches play here comes the bride?

“Here Comes the Bride” is a secular piece of music, and some churches advise against playing it during the procession, because of its secular nature. Wagner’s piece isn’t the only music that’s commonly associated with weddings.

Who walks down the aisle in a Catholic wedding?

In a Catholic wedding processional, the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle in pairs, with the groomsman on the right and the bridesmaid on the left, starting with the attendants who will stand farthest from the bride and groom. Once the pair reaches the end of the aisle, they part ways.

Can you walk down the aisle to any song in a church?

At a traditional church…

Although there’s a good chance you won’t be allowed to walk down the aisle to your favorite pop song, you’ll probably be allowed to pick from the classics. … “When you have a large hall, you need a big song to fill the expansive space.”

Is Here Comes the Bride a funeral song?

But neither song was actually composed to be performed at a wedding. Rather, German composer Felix Mendelssohn wrote the “Wedding March” for an 1842 production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and “Here Comes the Bride” was the Bridal Chorus from Richard Wagner’s 1850 opera Lohengrin.

How Old Is Here Comes the Bride?

“Here Comes The Bride,” or its official name, the “Bridal Chorus,” is part of an 1850 opera called Lohengrin written by Richard Wagner.

What key is Here Comes the Bride?

Can you play Ave Maria at a wedding?

“With so many beautiful wedding songs it’s hard to select just one. Schubert’s ‘Ave Maria’ is definitely a favourite. The song’s elegant simplicity is a joy to sing and it is so fitting for a traditional wedding.

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