Can I marry my father’s sister’s son’s daughter?

Can I marry my fathers sister’s daughters daughter in India?

no.. becoz as sapinda indicates if there is a common lineal ancestaor between both of us 3 degrees from mother nd five degrees from father.

What is father’s sister’s daughter called?

Siblings, Cousins, and Siblings-in-LawEdit

Relation in English Relation in Hindi
Father’s brother’s son (cousin) (चचेरा) भाई
Father’s brother’s daughter (cousin) (चचेरी) बहन
Father’s sister’s son (cousin) (फुफेरा) भाई
Father’s sister’s daughter (cousin) (फुफेरी) बहन

What is a Sapinda relationship?

Sapinda relationship means extended relationships through generations such as father, grandfather etc. … According to Mitakshara, Sapinda means a person connected by the Page 2 same particles of body and in Dayabhaga it means a person connected by the same pinda (ball of rice or funeral cake offered at sraddha ceremony).

Can I marry my grandmother’s sister’s daughter’s daughter?

But if you go by the relations, your grand mother’s sister’s granddaughter. You both will be a brother to her. … A girl can marry her grandmother’s (Mother’s Mother) sister’s son’s daughter. But a boy can’t marry his grandmother’s (Mother’s Mother) sister’s daughter’s daughter.

Who is considered brother in law?

noun, plural broth·ers-in-law. the brother of one’s spouse. the husband of one’s sister or brother.

Is sapinda marriage legal?

Sapinda relationships are prohibited under hindu marriage law. A sapinda is someone who is: within or has a common ancestor relative within three generations above you on your mother’s side of the family. within or has a common ancestor relative within five generations above you on your father’s side of the family.

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What is Pinda Exogamy?

Pinda Exogamy: In Hindu society, marriage within the panda is prohibited. There is no one opinion as to who can be said to belong to the same pinda. According to Brahaspati, offspring from five maternal, generations and seven paternal generations are sapinda and they cannot inter-marry.

What is prohibited relationship?

Two persons are said to be within the degrees of prohibited relationships: if one is a lineal ascendant of the other. For example a Daughter can not marry her father and grandfather. Similarly, a mother can not marry her son or grandson. If one was the wife or husband of a lineal ascendant or descendant of the other.