Best answer: When can Sims get married mobile?

How do I get my Sims to marry on Sims Mobile?

How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile

  1. Get yourself to level 10. …
  2. Get your relationship with a sim up to level 10. …
  3. Make at least three level 2 friends. …
  4. Propose to your sim’s soulmate. …
  5. Purchase the wedding decorations. …
  6. Fulfill the other wedding quest requirements. …
  7. Get married!

Can a teenage Sim Get married?

Have the adult teens get married.

Once the game views the Sims as adults, they can get married to each other. … Click on a wedding arch and choose Get Married, or just click on the other Sim, choose Propose…, and select Marriage. The two Sims will exchange rings and then kiss.

Why can’t I propose in sims Mobile?

You need to be on flirty mode, level 4 relationship, AND all these three things :floral pillar, windowed rose lattice, wedding arch. You have to actually put in your yard. Keep it inside the box not going to get your sims have this propose option.

Why can’t I get married in sims Mobile?

Reach Exp Level 7 – the option to marry won’t unlock until your overall game experience level is at a 7. Propose – In addition to a level 7 in game experience, you’ll also need a relationship level 7 with a Sim to pop the question to him or her.

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Can you have 2 wives in Sims Mobile?

With the polygamy mod, your Sims are now able to have a relationship with -and marry – more than one person at a time. You can go the Hugh Hefner route and date multiple hot blondes or, if you prefer, you can even enter a group marriage – let your freak flag fly!

How many babies can you have in Sims Mobile?

This means you don’t need to have any available household slots in order to have children. It also means you can have more than two children if you’d like. When a child becomes an adult, you’ll be able to promote them to a playable Sim through the family portrait.

Can you have twins in Sims Mobile?

no you cant have twins in the sims mobile because you can only have one crib at a time and you would need two cribs for two babies.

Why is MC WooHoo not working?

Re: MC woohoo not coming up on the sims computer

@Okcy_57 Try removing ALL of MCCC from your mods folder. Download the current version again, (There are TWO downloads, MCCC and MC Woohoo) unzip them all and place all the files in a single folder in your mods folder.

Is there a cheat to make your Sim pregnant Sims 4?

With the pregnant Sim as the active character, open the cheat console and enter: Sims. Add_Buff Buff_Pregnancy_Inlabor. (Note the American spelling of ‘labor’ if it’s tripping you up.) This will immediately trigger the ‘Pregnancy: In Labour’ moodlet, allowing your Sim to have the baby.

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