At what age may a boy and girl marry?

What is the title of the person who nurses the babies Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet’s attendant, referred to as the Nurse throughout Romeo and Juliet, devotes her attention to the young Capulet as she would have her own daughter, Susan.

What is the average person’s vocabulary and how does Shakespeare compare?

How large is the average person’s vocabulary, and how does Shakespeare’s compare? average person’s vocab is 4000 words, and he used between 17000 and 29000.

What age is marriage for non-noble families common?

In non-noble families, the most common age for marriage is 25-26 for men, about 23 for women. This is because it’s best to wait until you can afford a home and children.

What is the nurse’s real name?

The Nurse’s age is not given. However, her name is Angelica. This information is provided in Act 4 when Lord Capulet refers to her by name.

How old was Susan in Romeo and Juliet when she died?

Come Lammas Eve at night shall she be fourteen. Susan and she (God rest all Christian souls!) Susan was the Nurse’s daughter who was the same age as Juliet and who died as a very young girl (possibly as a baby).

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How old is Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet?

Tybalt’s age is not revealed in Romeo and Juliet. He’s Juliet’s older cousin by several years, which means he is likely in his early to mid-twenties. He is a prominent member of the Capulet house, and his death ignites a new level of animosity between the two warring families.

Which author had the largest vocabulary?

Far more unique words than any other writer, even given his smaller corpus, and the only writer in the study with more than 20,000 stemmed words. The vocabulary king among writers is Joyce, whose vocabulary towers over Shakespeare’s (Finnegans Wake was not included) even with a significantly smaller corpus.

What is Shakespeare’s most famous history play?

Many believe 1 Henry IV to be Shakespeare’s greatest history play. The unforgettable characters Hotspur, Prince Hal, King Henry, and the jovial John Falstaff affirm John Dryden’s assertion that Shakespeare was “the man who of all modern, and perhaps ancient poets, had the largest and most comprehensive soul.”