You asked: Does Chise die in ancient Magus bride?

Does Chise leave Elias?

Though several opportunities have come to her to leave Elias, she ultimately refuses and says she doesn’t care that he might be using her and enabling her. The mere fact that he was the first to take her in and care for her, unlike her family, is more than enough for her to be content in staying with him.

Does Elias fall in love with Chise?

The Ancient Magus’ Bride may be a dark fantasy anime series, but it contains romance as well. … Although the plot can become dark and touch on sensitive themes, there is a romance between Chise and Elias, as he bought her as a fiance as well. It began small, but it became more noticeable throughout the series.

Does Chise become immortal?

Joseph’s eye granted her immortality. It was uncertain when her eye turned back to green, but Joseph later revealed she was controlling it. He explained she couldn’t undo the curse, which consequently made her immortal.

What episode do chise and Elias get married?

Episode 24 | Ancient Magus Bride Wiki | Fandom.

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