Which of the following societies is most likely to practice bride service?

Which society is most likely to practice matrilineal kinship?

Matrilineal descent is common in Native American societies, notably the Crow and Cherokee tribes. In these societies, children are seen as belonging to the women and, therefore, one’s kinship is traced to one’s mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and so on (Mails 1996).

Which of the following is the rarest form of marriage?

The form of marriage they are about to enter–fraternal polyandry in anthropological parlance–is one of the world’s rarest forms of marriage but is not uncommon in Tibetan society, where it has been practiced from time immemorial.

Which type of marriage is accepted by a majority of societies in the world quizlet?

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1) The most common marital system in the majority of preindustrial societies around the world is: polygamy. 2) All societies enforce some type of incest taboo, which: forbids sexual relations or marriage between certain relatives.

What is the marriage practice of exchange called?

marital exchange, system of mate recruitment in which specific families, groups of families, tribes, or segments of a tribe are designated as those groups from which one must choose a spouse. See exchange marriage; cross-cousin. Related Topics: marriage exchange marriage.

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What is marriage transaction?

Marriage transactions are payments or transfer of property that occur between families of the bride and groom during the time of a marriage. The form, direction, and scale of payments vary widely.

What is matrilineal marriage?

It is women who make the first romantic move, and also propose marriage. Property is passed down the female line, and men live in their wife’s household when they marry.

Which of the following types of marriage specifically involves the marital union of one woman to two or more men?

Which of the following types of marriage specifically involves the marital union of one woman to two or more men? serial monogamy. parents and children and siblings. in some states in the United States of America.

What role does marriage play in society?

In most societies, it serves to socially identify children by defining kinship ties to a mother, father, and extended relatives. It also serves to regulate sexual behavior, to transfer, preserve, or consolidate property, prestige, and power, and most importantly, it is the basis for the institution of the family.

How many types of marriage are there in sociology?

Marriage may be divided into two types i.e. endogamous and exogamous marriages on the basis of choice of mate or on the basis of the rules of choice of mate. Endogamy is divided into four sub types such as caste, sub-caste, varna and tribal endogamy.