What is Juliet prepared to do instead of marrying Paris?

What is Juliet prepared to do rather than marry Paris?

After Paris leaves, Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for help, brandishing a knife and saying that she will kill herself rather than marry Paris. The friar proposes a plan: Juliet must consent to marry Paris; then, on the night before the wedding, she must drink a sleeping potion that will make her appear to be dead.

Does Juliet kill herself instead of marrying Paris?

She kisses his lips to try and taste the poison herself , but it doesn’t work.So, instead, she kills herself with Romeo’s dagger. Friar Laurence is reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet because she is already married to Romeo, so that means she would be married to two people at once.

What is Juliet willing to do without fear or doubt rather than marry Paris?

List three things Juliet is willing to do “… without fear or doubt”… rather than marry Paris? She would rather leap from a tower, become a thief , or even chain herself up with roaring bears.

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How does Juliet insult Paris without him knowing?

3. How does Juliet insult Paris without him knowing? … She says she loves Friar Lawrence, when Paris prompts her to tell Friar Lawrence how she loves Paris. She is very bright and witty.

What does Juliet say to her father that indicates that she agrees to marry Paris?

What does Juliet say that makes her father happy? She says that she will marry Paris. What are some of the fears Juliet has about the potion? She fears that no one will come get her and she fears she will suffocate and die.

Why does Juliet refuse to marry Paris?

The Friar delivers a message to Romeo from the Prince of Verona. The Friar explains to Romeo that he must leave Verona and never come back. Lord Capulet is sad that Juliet never married Paris because he thinks that it would have made her happy.

Who is to blame for Juliet’s death?

The first character who is to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is Romeo himself. The first reason Romeo is to blame is that he went uninvited to the Capulet party. If Romeo did not go to the party, Romeo would have never met Juliet, and Tybalt would never have known he was there.

Did Paris really love Juliet?

Even though Paris’s’ love for Juliet was seen as a mere affection for her beauty and Paris had planed to marry Juliet through an arranged marriage, but as the play gets to and end it is show that Paris truly did love Juliet. Paris is a noble and a friend of lord Capulet.

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What is Juliet prepared for?

Juliet is prepared to kill herself rather than marry Paris. … Juliet tells her father that she is willing to marry Paris so that she will be able to move forward with Friar Lawrence’s plan to fake her death and reunite her with Romeo.

How does Juliet react to news of her arranged marriage with Paris?

Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Capulet’s plan for her to marry Paris on Thursday, explaining that he wishes to make her happy. Juliet is appalled. She rejects the match, saying “I will not marry yet; and when I do, I swear / It shall be Romeo—whom you know I hate— / Rather than Paris” (3.5.

What does Juliet confess to Paris?

When Paris says, “Do not deny to him that you love me,” Juliet replies, “I will confess to you that I love him.” By “him” Paris meant Friar Laurence, to whom he believes Juliet has come to make confession; in fact, Juliet refers to Romeo.