Quick Answer: Is it rude to have cash bar at wedding?

How do you announce a cash bar at a wedding?

Cash Bar Invitation Wording

  1. Formal: We can’t wait to celebrate with you and host you for dinner. …
  2. Casual: Dinner’s on us. …
  3. Two Drink Tickets: We are excited to host you for dinner. …
  4. One Drink Ticket: Our wedding will be beautiful and our reception fun.

What is cocktail hour at wedding?

The cocktail hour is an opportunity to further personalize the decor, drinks, food, and other elements of your wedding celebration. During the cocktail hour, you can showcase your family history, your personality as a couple, or your culture or ethnicity.

Is it rude to not have an open bar at a wedding?

Limit the bar.

It’s perfectly fine to serve just beer and wine, or beer, wine, and a signature cocktail. As long as you give them something to drink that they’re not paying for, guests can’t complain about the lack of an open bar.

What is a dry wedding?

Unlike a wedding with a cash bar, a dry wedding is one where no alcohol is served during the cocktail hour or reception. While are many reasons to host a dry wedding (they can be considerably more budget friendly), they are not standard, which means you may find yourself with some questions on how to proceed.

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What is the difference between a host bar and a cash bar?

A host bar is another name for an open bar where the bartender tracks the alcohol served and charges the host at the end of the event. With a cash bar, guests pay for everything they drink and tip the bartenders themselves.

What is a dry till?

Dry Till. This allows for you to have ultimate control. A set amount pre-determined by you is allocated as the bar tab for your group. A dry till also allows you to control what items are included and excluded from your tab.