Quick Answer: How does Capulet persuade Juliet to marry?

Why does Capulet agree to let Juliet Get married?

Lord Capulet, worried by his daughter’s frantic grief over her cousin’s death, decides that marriage might help her recover. He decides that Juliet and Paris should be married later that week.

Who are the Capulet forcing Juliet to marry?

9), and Lord Capulet believes that marriage might force Juliet to grow up too quickly. But because Paris represents a good match for the Capulet family, he eventually persuades Juliet’s father to agree to the marriage. Meanwhile, Juliet falls in love with Romeo.

What does Capulet say about Juliet getting married?

Lady Capulet asks Juliet what she thinks about getting married. Juliet replies that she has not given it any thought. Lady Capulet observes that she gave birth to Juliet when she was almost Juliet’s current age. … Juliet dutifully replies that she will look upon Paris at the feast to see if she might love him.

What did Capulet say to Juliet?

He yells at her, he curses her, he calls her names, and he vows to disown her. And his language is such that we believe him, and so does Juliet. Capulet says: Hang thee, young baggage!

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How does Juliet feel about getting married?

When Lady Capulet asks Juliet how she feels about getting married, Juliet replies: “It is an honour that I dream not of.” There is a clear hint of sarcasm in Juliet’s response. It was seen as an honour for Veronese women to be married, especially to someone of rank and title.

Why is it important for Juliet to marry as soon as possible?

According to Paris, what is the reason Capulet wants Juliet to marry so quickly? To stop her from being so sad by forcing her to spend time with others. Also he doesn’t want peoople to think Juliet is weird because she spent an unusual amount of time mourning for the death of Tybalt.

Why do you suppose Capulet is willing to take Juliet’s feelings into consideration?

Capulet is willing to take Juliet’s feelings into consideration because he does not want her to be force with someone she does not want and for her to make the right decision to be happy. … Romeo wants his eyes to show how he feels for them and this shows us how dermatic Romeo is.

What three reasons does Lord Capulet give for not wanting Juliet to marry yet?

Romeo and Juliet English 10H

Question Answer
In Act 1 scene 2 Lord Capulet talks to Paris about marrying his daughter Juliet. What two reasons does he give for not wanting Juliet to marry at this time (lines 8-14)?6 she is too young to be married and she is his only child6
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