Is it normal to wear a suit to a wedding?

Is it rude to wear a suit to a wedding?

A good rule of thumb is to always wear a suit or at least a jacket with a pair of chinos or a dapper combination maybe with gray flannels. Definitely avoid monochrome looks of black shirt, black tie, and black suit or any other colors that are very similar because it looks odd and there’s not enough contrast.

Should I wear a suit or dress to my wedding?

But the truth is, you can wear a nice suit to a wedding and feel very dapper and dressed up, but so can everyone else in attendance. Besides, you can wear that same suit to work and feel very well put together any other day of the year. … The point of dressing up for your wedding isn’t simply to look your best.

What color should you not wear to a wedding?

“Do not wear white, off-white, beige, cream, white lace, or any dress that could resemble a wedding dress,” added Stafford. Moral of the story? Keep it simple and drama free; if there’s white, look for an alternative. White is still the main colour you can’t wear to a wedding.

Can a woman wear suit to wedding?

Suits for female wedding guests

They bring a lot of power and confidence to a look and can be as creative as you want them to be. The don’t have to a traditional plain suit.

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Does the bride choose the grooms suit?

You should be able to pick out your own wedding tux instead of having your bride-to-be tell you what you’re going to wear. … If she’s already assuming that she’ll choose your wedding formalwear, she’s not going to take too well to not having the slightest idea of what you’re going to look like until the wedding.

What do grooms fathers wear?

As a general rule, the fathers should at least match the level of formality of the groomsmen. That means if the groomsmen are wearing tuxes, the fathers should wear tuxes as well. If the groomsmen are in suits, they should at least wear a suit.