How old is Diane Keaton Father of the Bride 2?

How old are they supposed to be in Father of the Bride 2?

Father of the Bride Part I (1991) and Part II (1995) are 4 years apart. In Father of the Bride Part 1, Annie was 22. In Father of the Bride Part 2, Matt is 12. That mean Matt was 8 years old in Part I.

Was Ben Platt the baby in Father of the Bride Part 2?

The Banks family reunited for a special event shared Friday by Netflix. … The Banks babies born in “Father of the Bride Part II” also appeared as adults by way of newcomers Ben Platt and Florence Pugh.

Will there be a father of the bride 3?

Father of the Bride 3(-ish) Is Coming to Netflix Tonight! We’ve just found our bright spot in 2020. After weeks of speculation, Father of the Bride Part 3 is making its way to Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube today!

How old is Steve Martin in Father of the Bride?

“I kept thinking as long as I didn’t wink into the camera and say, ‘Aren’t I funny?’ we’d be fine,” recalled Short, 71, of his time making the film.

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Who plays Baby Megan Father of the Bride 2?

For the actress, now known as Kimberly Williams-Paisley, it was the start of a successful career in Hollywood – and an entirely new life.

How old was Diane Keaton in Somethings Gotta Give?

Keaton’s first major hit since 1996 came in 2003’s Something’s Gotta Give, directed by Nancy Meyers and co-starring Jack Nicholson. Nicholson and Keaton, aged 65 and 56 respectively, were seen as bold casting choices for leads in a romantic comedy.

Who is Megan Banks in Father of the Bride?

Main cast and characters

Character Films
Father of the Bride (1991)
Megan Banks
Bryan MacKenzie George Newbern
George “Georgie” Banks-MacKenzie

Will there be a father of the bride 4?

No, Father of the Bride: Part 4 has not been confirmed. The Part 3 special release will benefit a nonprofit called the World Central Kitchen.

What does the bride’s father say at the wedding?

What Should A Father Of The Bride Speech Include? A traditional father of the bride speech includes a few key elements such as welcoming the guests, anecdotes and compliments about your daughter, a welcome to your new son-in-law or daughter-in-law, words of advice and a toast to the new couple.