How do I use a Minted wedding website?

How do I access my minted wedding website?

How do I access my wedding website?

  1. Access your Minted account from the top right corner, using the drop-down menu to select “Account”
  2. Click wedding website.
  3. Click manage wedding website to access your site.

How do I RSVP to a minted wedding website?

You will need to go to the website address that the happy couple shared with you, (e.g. If they have enabled digital RSVPs, there will be a tab in the menu of their website to RSVP. Click the RSVP tab and enter the name used on your invitation to find and fill out your details.

Are minted wedding websites searchable?

While Minted does not, and can not, make the wedding websites actively searchable by search engines, if a search engine does cache your site, we are unable to delete or remove it from search results. Upgrading to our premium and original artwork wedding websites will provide you access to website privacy.

Are minted websites free?

Minted’s wedding websites are free for the foreseeable future. … Our premium and original artwork wedding website are available for an additional fee. Premium and original artwork versions include a custom URL for one year. If you choose to renew your custom URL, you can do so for $15 USD per year.

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Can you add music to minted wedding website?

Features that cannot be customized on our wedding websites: Videos, music, or file uploads – we’re currently only able to support photos.

What’s the point of a wedding website?

The primary purpose of the wedding website is to give guests a central hub where they may find information about your big day.

How do I make my wedding website not searchable?

Log into your account on The Knot, go to your Wedding Website Dashboard and select Settings. In Settings, under “Website Visibility” set “Allow your site to appear in search engines” to No. Select Done and please allow up to 30 days for your url to no longer appear in search engine results.

How do I get my wedding website to show up on Google?

Include an RSVP card with your wedding invitations that has your wedding website URL. Set site permission where ‘Anyone with the link’ can find the site so all guests can respond but it won’t show up on random internet searches. Add a gadget on your website that counts down the days until the big day!

How do I make my registry searchable?

Because Google prioritizes popular and unique web pages in their search results, there are a few tips to help make your registry more searchable:

  1. Include your full name in your registry.
  2. Add links to your registry on your wedding website.
  3. Share your website/registry on social media.