Do you need a blood test to get married in WV?

What do you need to get married in WV?

You will both need to go to the county clerk office and present photo identification such as your driver’s license, state ID, or passport. You will also need to know your parents’ full names, including your mothers’ maiden names and the states where they were born.

Which states require blood testing as a requirement before allowing marriage?

Only one state, Montana, still requires a blood test for a marriage license; other states have eliminated the requirement that couples be tested for certain diseases before they marry.

Do you need bloodwork to get married?

A handful of states still require blood tests for couples planning to marry. Most do not. … Premarital blood tests check for venereal disease or rubella. The tests may also disclose the presence of genetic disorders such as sickle-cell anemia or Tay-Sachs disease.

Does WV recognize common law marriage?

West Virginia does not have a provision in State law regarding common-law marriage. Any individual that establishes this type of relationship in a state that recognizes common-law marriages is considered married for the Department purposes.

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Who can marry a couple in West Virginia?

Persons authorized to perform marriages. A religious representative who has complied with the provisions of section 2-402, a family court judge, a circuit judge or a justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals, is authorized to celebrate the rites of marriage in any county of this state.

When did states stop requiring blood tests for marriage?

The mandatory test for syphilis ended in 1980 because it was yielding few positive results and was not cost effective. Many other states ended the test, as well. In 1980, for example, 34 states required a blood test for syphilis before a couple could get married.

Why did you used to need a blood test to get married?

Actually, the blood test was about public health, usually to monitor for rubella (German measles) and syphilis. Several states also screened for gonorrhea and tuberculosis, and previously ordered HIV tests, for those getting married.

Why did they used to require a blood test to get married?

It was in this culture of heightened awareness (and misinformation) that states began to pass laws requiring couples to submit to blood tests before applying for marriage licenses, so they could avoid spreading a previously undetected venereal disease to their spouse and future children.

Can you get married without a marriage license in West Virginia?

What are the legal requirements to get married in West Virginia? To obtain a marriage license in West Virginia, both you and your partner must be present in-person at the County Clerk’s Office. You also need to present valid identification (such as a driver’s license, for example).

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Is it legal to marry your cousin in West Virginia?


A woman is prohibited from marrying her father, grandfather, brother, son, grandson, half brother, uncle, brother’s son, sister’s son, first cousin or double cousin.

Can you officiate your own wedding in WV?

Now You Can Officiate!

Registering with the West Virginia Secretary of State is the easy part to officiating weddings in West Virginia. The real work is in preparing for the wedding ceremony. Follow the link below for more guidance on how to officiate weddings.