Can you mix wedding themes?

How do you mix wedding styles?

5 Ways To Merge Your Different Wedding Styles

  1. Gather some visuals. It’s no secret that some people are visual creatures. …
  2. Ask him/her to be specific. …
  3. Find areas in which you can blend styles. …
  4. Give them ownership of details that matter. …
  5. Be proud of your ability to compromise.

Does your wedding dress have to match your theme?

Your dress should match your personality. If you feel like it may look strange in your venue or with your decor, then see what you can change around if you wanted. But do what is going to make you most comfortable. If nothing else, you can still absolutely do silver and white for everything else.

How do you pick a wedding theme?

When choosing your theme, take some time to think about how you’ll want to remember that day. You can browse countless websites and Pinterest boards for inspiration, but in the end, your theme should represent your taste and incorporate elements that feel true to who you are.

What is romantic wedding theme?

Soft hues, delicate lighting, and plenty of florals typically make up a romantic wedding. For this theme, envision pastels, hanging lights (even chandeliers), calligraphy, and a flower wall.

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