Can you marry someone with thalassemia?

Can thalassemia patients marry?

Aim: With good care, patients with transfusion-dependent thalassemia major (TDTM) can reach older ages, marry and reproduce.

Can I marry a girl with thalassemia minor?

YES , can get married, if only one partner is carrier there is no problem BUT if both are carrier they should undergo prenatal testing.

What happens if partner has thalassemia?

If you have the thalassaemia trait, you’re at risk of having children with thalassaemia if your partner is also a carrier or has thalassaemia themselves. If you’re planning to have a child and you know you’re a carrier, it’s a good idea for your partner to be tested as well.

How long is the life of thalassemia patients?

“Most thalassaemia patients would live up to the age of 25 to 30 years. Improved facilities will help them live up to the age of 60,” said Dr Mamata Manglani, head of pediatrics, Sion hospital.

Can you have a baby if you have thalassemia?

Can You Get Pregnant With Beta Thalassemia? Yes, but you may need help getting pregnant. Often, women with beta thalassemia will need to use medications to help them ovulate in order to become pregnant. Many health problems caused by beta thalassemia have to do with too much iron in your body.

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Why is thalassemia necessary before marriage?

are tested and if they are carriers (have Thalassaemia minor or trait) they are to be given counselling regarding their marrying someone with the same trait and the risk of passing on the disease to their offspring. The test results are to be entered into a data bank for registration of carriers of the trait.

Can thalassemia minor be cured?

Blood transfusions and chelation do not cure beta thalassemia. A stem cell transplant can cure it, but it is a serious procedure with many risks and won’t benefit everyone with the condition. Doctors and scientist are working on developing gene therapies and other treatments to help people with beta thalassemia.

Does thalassemia minor affect fertility?

Barriers to fertility in women and men with thalassemia

A person with thalassemia may experience delayed puberty. Many of these patients eventually enter puberty. Some do not reach sexual maturity and have a complication called “hypogonadism.” This is due to a deficiency of hormones necessary for sexual maturation.