Can I wear trainers to my wedding?

Are trainers acceptable for a wedding?

Not all wedding guests feel comfortable in tailoring, especially in summer. … We’re not advocating wearing sneakers to a wedding unless you are quite sure it is going to be acceptable. You have to consider the location, setting and dress code. You also have to consider that there are sneakers then there are sneakers.

Can you wear sneakers to a wedding as a guest?

Stay away from sneakers, though. Even dressy ones are still too casual for cocktail.

What shoes are acceptable for a wedding?

Best Shoes to Wear to a Wedding

  • Get Some Details on the Wedding Day Festivities. …
  • Keep Your Comfort in Mind. …
  • Bedazzled Flats. …
  • A Sandal With a Chunky Heel. …
  • An Espadrille Wedge. …
  • Slip-On Sandals or Flats. …
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Can I wear casual shoes to a wedding?

Semi-Formal or Dress Casual

You’re not alone. … And on the casual end you can’t go wrong with a sport coat and chinos worn with a pair of stylish casual shoes or dress sneakers. Although not as formal as Black-Tie or Formal, we still advise on airing on the side of caution if you are ever in question of what to wear.

Can I wear sneakers to a wedding men?

If you must wear another color, try to keep it as dark as possible. Wear black patent leather, leather, or velvet oxford or loafer shoes. Unless indicated in the invitation, sneakers or any other casual shoe are considered inappropriate for the occasion.

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Is it OK to wear leggings to a wedding?

DO wear layers.

An outdoor party can quickly turn chilly as it reaches evening hours. Tights and leggings are layers to think about, too. No one will judge you if you slip them off after dancing for a few hours. Just make sure the outfit you wear is still long enough for bare legs!

Can you rent shoes for your wedding?

There are a handful of websites that allow you to rent designer shoes for just a week, or even a few days, so that you can wear a luxurious pair of heels for a wedding, a special event or a night out without having to break the bank. … Rent for seven or 14 days, with prices as low as $35 for Michael Kors or $55 for YSL.

Can I wear black shoes to a wedding?

Yes, you can wear black! Just choose a style that’s suitable for the particular time and place. “Black is perfectly acceptable to wear to a wedding.