Can bride and groom attend cocktail hour?

What couples do in cocktail hour?

Some couples don’t see each other before their wedding and spend all of cocktail hour taking photos – that is the original purpose of cocktail hours after all: to give guests something to do while you take photos. Other people get all their photos done beforehand and kick off cocktail hour with their guests.

What does cocktail hour mean at a wedding?

A wedding’s cocktail hour is traditionally just what its name implies: An hour between the ceremony and reception during which guests can enjoy beer, wine, signature drinks, and light appetizers.

Are the bride and groom included in the bridal party?

In a traditional wedding, the wedding party refers to the group of people participating in the ceremony with the bride and groom (formally, bridegroom). The bridal party consists of the maid of honor (matron of honor if she is married) and the bridesmaids. The groom is accompanied by the best man and the groomsmen.

Do you need a DJ during cocktail hour?

After your wedding ceremony is complete guests will move into your reception venue and will mingle during cocktail hour. … Your wedding DJ will play light background music for people to listen to at this time. Cocktail hour music should be lively and upbeat to start setting the tone for the wedding reception.

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Can you have a cocktail hour before wedding ceremony?

During your pre-ceremony cocktail hour, your guests can mingle and enjoy themselves while you and your wedding party pose for portraits. Because this is all happening prior to the ceremony and reception, everyone in the wedding party will be fresh faced and camera ready.

Do the bride and groom eat first?

After the ceremony and any post-ceremony pictures, the bride and groom will go to a private room and enjoy a meal by themselves. … Following the ceremony, the newly married couple would take photographs, enter the reception, and be first in line for the food.

Does cocktail hour mean open bar?

An hour of full drink service before dinner means you have three hours of your standard open bar package remaining for dinner and dancing. Depending on the length of your reception and if you’re serving during dinner, a cocktail hour service could mean you’ll be extending your bar package by an additional hour.

What can I do instead of cocktail hour?

A wine or beer tasting is another yummy alternative to a traditional cocktail hour. Maybe you and your fiance even have a favorite local microbrewery or winery. You could hire a professional to guide your guests through a tasting of a variety of either your favorites or local favorites.

How much food do you need for cocktail hour?

2-4 pieces per person, 30-60 minutes before dinner, cocktail hour. 5-6 pieces per person, 1.5-2 hour event, preceding dinner time. 8-10 pieces per person, 2-4 hours event, heavy hors d’oeuvres. 12-15 pieces per person 4+ hour event, dinner replacement.

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How long should a wedding drinks reception last?

How long should a drinks reception be? Although there is no set limit on how long your drinks reception should be, as a general rule of thumb, they typically last between 90 minutes and two hours. This will give your guests enough time to enjoy their favourite tipple, mingle and enjoy a variety of nibbles.

What is wedding cocktail attire?

When it comes to weddings, the ‘cocktail’ dress code is arguably the most common. … Cocktail wear quite literally means a go-to piece that calls for a bit of decorum, whilst also allowing you to let loose and literally ‘spill cocktails on’.”