Best answer: Do they legally get married on don’t tell the bride?

How many people from Don’t Tell the bride are still married?

Although Kaleigh and Simon had a tough time of it on Don’t Tell the Bride, they still tied the knot in the end. There’s only ever been one couple to completely call off their wedding on the show. In series 8 episode 18, Craig and Sofia never formalized their wedding vows.

How much do you get paid for don’t tell the bride?

Format. The show’s format consists of a couple who are given £12,000 (£14,000 in the BBC One and E4 versions) to spend on their wedding.

Are Steve and Leona still together?

Leona goes through with the wedding

But despite all of the drama on the wedding day, Leona still went through with it and married Steve to the shock of viewers. And the couple are still together! From Leona’s Facebook profile, we found that the couple have just been on their honeymoon and are as loved up as ever.

How do you apply for dont tell the bride?

Don’t Tell The Bride accepts applications from brides and grooms who have been dreaming of a wedding via an online application form. The application form asks about the couple’s personal information, social media accounts and their current relationship situation.

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Are Laila and Nick still together?

She got Jordan’s glass coach, a meringue dress and bridesmaids in garish pink – and still she married him! Laila Miller, 22 is a beauty consultant at a department store. She lives with husband Nick, 25, a part-time accountant and their daughter Lara, two, in Preston, Lancashire.